iPhone Necklace Case – The biggest Trend 2019

LYONE iPhone Necklace Case– Put your phone on the chain!

The lightweight but robust mobile phone case combined with a strong and adjustable strap is the new must-have for every traveler and festival visitor!


Stop checking your jacket pocket every fifteen minutes to make sure your mobile phone is still there. Also, you don’t have to choose clothes whose pockets are big enough for your phone. Just put on your mobile phone and voila!


Travel easy with the iPhone Necklace Case

We take pictures all the time while we’re traveling! Why hold the mobile phone in your hand or rummage out every five minutes. With the iPhone Necklace Case you have your case always ready to use and always safe with you. Nobody likes to forget a mobile phone in a café! During a city trip, you often pick up your mobile phone to look for directions. Whether it’s at the airport security check, for directions, on the bus or in a museum, you want your mobile phone always close at hand. With the LYONE iPhone Necklace Case simply grab your mobile phone, use it and drop it 😉


The LYONE iPhone Necklace Case is an absolute must have for festivals! After all, you just want to have fun and dance. It just hangs around your neck and you don’t have to worry about losing it. And your phone is always ready for the absolutely unique once in a lifetime moments!

The absolute Mommy Gadget

All parents know what it’s like to be with a child. You always have to be vigilant, always running after, picking up toys, lifting up the little one, preparing the bottle and looking out for the bag and mobile phone. With the LYONE iPhone Necklace Case, you’ll definitely have one big worry less. You can put on your mobile phone and take care of your little one. The best part is that while you can concentrate on your child, you’ll always have your phone ready to capture the best moments, such as the first steps.

See the iPhone Necklace Case in Action

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